Elite Textile Greece was founded in 2003 and since then has accomplished to build and maintain a significant customer network, with a total distribution of over 1.500 stores – mostly DIY and Hyper Markets – and a clientele which keeps expanding inside and outside the borders of the country.

With a wide variety of presentation solutions and skilled personnel, Elite Textile can meet the expectations of small or big retailers, enhancing shelf attractiveness in an intensively competitive Market.

Since the beginning of its operations, the name of Elite Textile has been interwoven with the concepts of quality and affordable prices of products with focus on fresh ideas, fashion trends and elegant solutions.
Our extensive range covers all fabric decoration interior and exterior needs and can transform every space in a beautiful and warm environment for family and friends.
Easy Home is our main brand which has been decorating the houses of thousands of people over the years and is synonym for good quality and prominent style. Elite Textile has also acquired the right to manufacture and trade several other well established brands, such as Artisti Italiani Home, and Ysatis home.
High production capabilities as well as deep sourcing experience have designated Elite Textile as a leader in fabric and linen products, with a range which is constantly expanding both vertically and horizontally.
Our main Product Groups are:

  • Readymade curtains
  • Deco cushions
  • Chair cushions
  • Floor cushions – Poufs
  • Throws
  • Blankets
  • Table cloths
  • Bath fabric accessories
  • Quilts
  • Bed Linen
  • Pillows


The company maintains a production facility which operates in a 2.000 sqm space and is equipped with high tech machinery and experienced personnel.
Based on a flexible manufacturing structure, the company can effectively respond to Market pressure and satisfy mass as well as small-batch production requirements.
Our Production main strength points:
– Flexibility
– Technical Innovation
– Experienced workforce
– High quality of fabrics
– Wide variety of materials and designs
– Deep knowledge of fashion trends

Elite Textile’s 2.500sqm warehouse facilities guarantee safe storage of goods and timely distribution to the whole network of customers’ premises. With a recently acquired state of the art Warehouse Management System, the company’s logistics capabilities have been significantly enhanced, thus further expanding its trading opportunities.
The company’s focus on the DIY and Hyper Market has provided it with the deep knowledge required to fulfill the needs of the entire supply chain process, either for standard or for seasonal items, by effectively handling orders and returns of goods and meeting demanding timeframes.